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The Meditation Studio

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Owning a space to gather people together has been a deeply held desire for a very long time. When I started my meditation practice seven years ago it was completely virtual. My practice thrived in that virtual world but I always desired a brick and mortar place to bring others together.

At the start of 2021, I could feel things shifting in my practice. I could feel a change coming but wasn't sure what it was or even how to prepare. With little guidance or vision from my spiritual team, I just went with what ever presented and let connection lead.

By March I was seeing a local photographers face and name everywhere! I took it as a sign I could no longer ignore and reached out. I knew I needed new pictures, perhaps this was the push to update my visual media and website. We arranged for discussion/deep strategy dive into what I do, what my expectations were and what my plans were for the pictures. I really wanted photos that showed what I do as a shamanic practitioner that would help answer questions for my clients and students.

In June of 2021 we started! This day was the start of a beautiful friendship and our first shoot. I'm not the most comfortable in front of a camera and don't do well posing so I did what I know best; I started working. Julie captured some of the most amazing pictures of me doing the thing I love most, healing.

Following a more clinical type shoot we shifted our focus to the water to show off some of my work with my medicine bag, also known as a Mesa. During that amazing photoshoot we had an "illegal" fire ceremony on the beach (great shots though!), a romp in the woods with some mischievous fairies and created a Despacho (prayer bundle). This woman was all about just seeing me have fun and being my most authentic self.

What was all of this leading up to? Well I didn't know. I only knew I wanted to improve my website and create a photo library to illustrate more of what I do for students and prospective clients.

That August...I still hadn't really done ANYTHING with my photos. I launched into my next 8-week meditation class and got down to work. Around this time, my photographer invited me to a sound bath. I'm always a bit nervous networking and meeting new people and wasn't exactly excited to go. I have always had a hard time articulating a response to "what do you do?" and avoid situations that force me to answer and navigate the response to that question. Despite my nerves, I went and I'm so grateful for that invite. That beautiful night set me on the path to intersect with others who are truly meant to be in my world and set the wheels in motion for my next big adventure.

A week or so after the sound bath, I received a call from a wonderful woman (I actually met at the sound bath) informing me of a small studio space coming available in downtown De Pere. It sounded amazing and I had every intention of following up on it... but I didn't. (insert the eye roll from my guides here)

Two weeks later I receive a text message from the tenant of that space asking to meet! He felt I would be a great fit and wanted to see me in the space. We met in mid September and since then I have been full steam ahead in a whirlwind of opening a studio, launching a new website, and figuring out A LOT of things I didn't have to consider before. (in case you're wondering...YES, I finally put those amazing photos to use!)

On December 4th I opened my doors and welcomed my first students. At 6:30AM they filled my studio with their rosy cheeks and smiles ear to ear. It was honestly a dream come true.

I have so much to be grateful for. I truly want to recognize the brilliance and deep soulful beauty of my dear friend and photographer, Julie Gile. Her guidance and friendship are a big part of my saying yes and launching into this space.

The "Studio" is a space for healing. It's a meditation space but it's so much more than that. It is a space to gather, to hone your personal practice, to be with like minded people, and to get some accountability. It is a place to just be.

Do me a favor, say "YES" when the opportunity comes and walk through the door to greatness. You'll be glad you did! See you at The Studio!

The Studio Schedule:







Photos by Julie Gile Photography,

By: Jill Lemke January, 2022

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