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What Can We Learn From a Past Life

Past life regression gives us a glimpse of our transition from life to life. It allows for reflection and pondering on how each life possesses varying degrees of opportunities for choice and discernment.

What does our soul look like? What does this life mean? Where will this road take us, what lessons will we learn, and who are the people that come into our life to assist us?

When we get to the point of evaluation, after death, it’s all already done. What if you could check in mid way through? What can you do now to ensure you are taking full advantage of what you wanted for yourself? What can you do now to review your souls true purpose before you leave this body and move to the next?

What would we see if we could review our choice mid life? What awareness would step forward for that “ah ha!” moment? What would our soul say to us to move or shift us from one state of being to the next more optimal state of being?

A regression session takes you to a place of review. It gives you an opportunity to review your past lives, your present state of being, and gives insight on what your intention was before incarnating into your current body.

It’s a review of who is in your life and what they bring forward for you to help keep you on track. It gives you a chance to see why you chose the challenges you did and how you intended on using those challenges to elevate your soul.

This process of overcoming challenge, persevering, feeling hope, experiencing love, creating empathy, surviving pain, managing loss, etc. assists us. When we can review our lives from a place of witness and non-judgement, we see that all assists in moving us to a higher state of being.

This review process gives us a means of optimizing our human experience and assisting in creating a collective expansion. Collective expansion is the means of moving as a collection or group of souls with the intention of moving awareness on a larger more global level.

You are part of a whole and each individual has a part to play in the whole. This includes the creative minds, the scientific minds, the empaths, and the lovers. Each with their role to play on a grand scheme and each with the smaller layers of emotional fuel for personal growth while continuing to contribute to the whole. It is understanding the statement of “oneness”.

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