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A Sacred Walk in Sedona

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

There is a sacredness to getting lost within ourselves. We avoid this great freedom by busying ourselves with meaningless tasks and prioritizing things that don’t add value to the luxury of life.

In the quiet of our mind, and within the silence of walking and observation, the feelings and sensations in our bodies join together to form a singular voice; our souls song. When we are busied and have outside distraction, that voice is fragmented. When we can find quiet, mindful connection, the fragments become clear and singular. Our body responds to this unified voice and begins to move to the chorus and rhythm of this song. This is how we find our way to our passion, our calling, our souls work.

When we first begin to listen, the feelings that come can be uncomfortable and new. It may stir emotions that feel foreign and difficult to process. We can shift focus and self sabotage so we don’t have to look at the discomfort. Avoidance will only make the lesson harder to learn and this shift more painful. Trust the process. Release and lean into it.