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I often get asked, how did you get into Meditation, Mediumship, Psychopomp, Reiki, Shamanism...? Where did you begin? How did you begin to connect with those in spirit?


I have blurred memories of when my abilities began, how they transitioned, and where they are today but I will tell you, it didn’t come overnight and I questioned every step of the way with great skepticism.

I often begin my story with a four year old girl who seemed immune to any darkness around her and saw only the love in others. It was at this age that I remember my first interaction with the world of spirit.I say “interaction” because it was as though I stepped into a dreamland, had an interaction, and then stepped back into this very earthy state. After that initial experience, I began to see “others” in spirit form as you would see a live person standing next to you. I understood their difference by the pale light emitting from them.



It was between the ages of 4-18 that I developed my psychic abilities. I knew and sensed things about people, and would often have vivid dreams that always came to fruition in some form or another. The intensity of such experiences were and are necessary to solidify (for me) what is happening and to make sure I’m paying attention. I have grown to read the signs, learn to pay attention to something and when to disregard. At the age of 21, I had and intense experience that confirmed my abilities and what I was meant to do.


I was a college student studying music. One night, I had a very intense dream where I was at a party and I was “pretending” to read palms. There were four of us huddled together, and I began to read a palm. “Oh, you are going to marry a pretty woman and you’ll be very happy!” after exclaiming this happy news, the two young men who were with me in this dream proceeded to extend their hands out to me to read their hands as well. At that moment, their hands lit up with colored lines and I knew immediately that they were both going to die. I closed their palms and said “I’m sorry, I don’t really read palms”. After waking from this very intense dream, I began discussing what it meant with others (as we all do).

After about a month, I finally went to a medium (at least that’s what I think he was). He was a nice man, a bit intense for me, but very nice. He started off telling me all sorts of things about me…I just kept thinking…why isn’t he talking to me about my dream?? I still have no idea what his qualifications were, how long he had been doing readings, what type of readings he was most commonly doing but there I was…naive and waiting to be told something about this dream.

Instead, I was given information about my own abilities, my path to internal beauty and love, and the work I was to begin. I asked one question and in that answer this gentleman was validated in my mind. Which, quite honestly is typically the way it is for most of us.

About two weeks after my reading, there was a horrible accident in my apartment building. While I was away at work, a young man that had been shot in the abdomen by his best friend, tried to get into the apartment I shared with my boyfriend. There are a lot of details leading up to my boyfriend’s safety and ensuring this gentleman who was being followed by a gunman, was not permitted entry, but not necessary for this story. The young man succumbed to his injuries in front of my apartment door and his friend and gunman then turned the gun on himself. Both young men died, thus bringing my dream into a reality.


Needless to say, I don’t question my vision anymore which, is really the point in seeing as witness and not really understanding why you would dream such a thing, what it means, etc. Sometimes it is being presented for you to experience and bring something to your awareness. Yes, it can be just that simple.

Following that dream, I had many more experiences. Some as witness and some that I need to process and manage for myself or others.


That experience also brought my sight of spirit front and center. It was not long after the boys died outside of my apartment that I started seeing apparitions of figures that looked a lot like twinkling lights that I often referred to as rain on a sunny day. I saw figures like this for years around people, walking about, and every once in a while, around me too.

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I was three days shy of 32 when my father died and we buried him on my birthday. His death left me unfeeling, uncaring, and broken. I didn’t want to face the day, I searched for life after death experiences, and longed to connect to him…in any way.

It was exactly one year after he died that I saw him in a dream. I was overjoyed! As soon as I saw him I ran and threw my arms around his neck, exclaiming “I’ve been waiting”! We smiled at each other, exchanged “I love you” and then he put his hands on my shoulders, held me out at arm’s length and said, “Jill, it’s time to do your work”. He then led me out of the room in which we were standing and showed me a vision that would come to fruition about 2 years later.


Following that dream, the metaphysical experiences were doubling in intensity. I finally sought guidance from a shaman. It was during that session that my father came through and made a significant connection, so far as telling the shaman his name. Needless to say, I was no longer in denial and my gifts exploded immediately.

I began hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, sensing, knowing….and it was non-stop. I was officially in training. I solicited friends to let me read for them as I honed my skills and after a year, I started seeing clients.
My experiences with the world of spirit never cease to amaze me, humble me, and connect me and others to the ones they love the most. 

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