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In 2015 I began live streaming to the world on an app called Periscope. It was the first of its kind and a unique way to reach a worldwide audience LIVE. I sat in front of a camera every day for 1 year and mediated with whomever wanted to join me. After more than 1 million views I decided it was time to convert over to an audio version and in 2019 I began recording the audio of my live streamed meditations and uploading them. Eventually, I moved over completely to my podcast and haven't looked back. 

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Breaking Beyond Guided Meditation

My podcast got it's name from the my personal background in Shamanism the foundation of my practice in "journey" work. My meditations are unscripted channeled meditations. The guidance I receive through clairvoyance is what I guide. We are breaking beyond this consciousness and speaking to our soul. 

Just Jill: Through the Eyes of a Mystic

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This podcast came during 2020 when I was reflecting on the stories and experiences I've had in my Shamanic Practice, working as a Medium and answering the general questions of "When did you know" and "How did you learn"?

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Breaking Beyond Guided Meditation


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Just Jill: Through the Eyes of a Mystic

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