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What does it mean to "heal"?

To heal: the act of making whole again or complete. I have pondered this word and its definition a lot this past week. I have examined the way I personally use this word (and how often it is misused) when explaining how meditation, energy work, and/or all other types of metaphysical work assists us.

After several days of reflection on this word and its meaning. I feel as though I need to change the way I use it and define healing as: the means of creating awareness of the self and embodying ones past experience with love and gratitude vs anger, regret and or resentment.

When I use the word “heal” or “healing” with my clients or on my broadcasts, it almost feels as though, when we “heal” we are moved on from an experience and it is no longer a part of the fabric of who we are but it’s actually quite the opposite. We are already “whole”; we are already “complete”. We are merely expanding our awareness through the experiences we live as humans. We are eternal souls; we are living beings of light. What could be more beautiful that experiencing life and all its pain, joy, happiness, love, tears, elation, and heartbreak?!

When we feel we have healed from something, what have we really done? We certainly haven’t forgotten the experience. We cannot take a magic memory eraser and clear the less than desirable memories from our minds (as tempting at that might be). When we are “healing” ourselves, we are taking a good look at the facts or truth of the experience, examining how it has changed us and helped us to grow, and finding a place of love and gratitude for this experience.

It is hard work to reflect on our pain, and it can sometimes take a lifetime to “heal” from a wound in our spiritual/energetic bodies. Without deep self-reflection we often cannot determine what those core wounds are and perpetuate being angry or frustrated!

Digging into the depths of pain (once lived doesn’t want to be lived again) is one of the most difficult things we can do in our process of self-awareness. Our ego is our protector. It aids in keeping us out of harm’s way and sounding off alarms when we get to close to “re-living” a past negative experience. Let’s be honest, none of us like pain.

When we are hurt, offended, betrayed, jilted, belittled, neglected, or abandoned, we will often put up blocks and barriers as a way of protecting ourselves from future harm. As an added bonus, we bury our pain and mask it in behavior that is out of alignment with our authentic self. This “other” self finds ways of manifesting our pain in various forms, i.e. bad relationships, unstable employment, rash behavior, pessimism, anger/rage, etc. How often have you come home from a tough day and lashed out at the first person you see. Did it make you feel better? Maybe in the moment but only because you shifted the energy of your pain onto another vs dealing with your emotions, and determining what you are being shown about yourself. Initially, in the heat of the moment, sometimes the best way is to recognize that you are not being your authentic self and find a means of taking a mindful moment to reflect.(practice makes perfect!) 🙂

Some of the ways we can start self-reflection and create awareness is simply by quieting our minds on a regular basis and listening to that inner voice. This doesn’t mean you should start a meditation regime and sit in silence for 10 minutes every day. Even though that’s great, if you’ve never meditated before, sitting for 10 minutes in silence can feel very painful!!

A routine of mindfulness will lead to a stillness in the mind that allows the authentic “you” to surface and the “healing” to begin. Our society is such that we scarcely get enough time to just walk outside or be alone. Taking few moments to walk, color, listen to music or even a guided meditation, can help bring that stillness back thus opening the door to self-awareness. Through awareness we can release the pain and see the experience, that has attempted to define us, as an opportunity to expand and experience the full human emotional spectrum.

Recognition of pains purpose and having love and gratitude for these experiences will bring your soul to balance thus creating peace and healing.

Let us shift our perspective, extend love to ourselves, and enjoy the ride.

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